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The place and environment where you study can influence how well you do during your study sessions. To put together the perfect study conditions to learn effectively, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX.

Focusing on a task for an extended period of time requires great brain...
It's no secret that students don't look forward to doing their homework. In fact, they dread homework time. To help them get their homework done more efficiently and in less time, use these tips.

Easy Homework Tip That Make a Difference

If your child takes a long time completing homework that...
Summer is quickly coming to an end, which means the new school year is right around the corner. To ensure this year is a successful one for your child, help them prepare for it with these tips.

How to Prepare for a Successful School Year

The new school year is on the horizon and there's no...
Being the new student at a school can make you very nervous. For tips on how you can make the transition period smoother, read this post that The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX has put together for you.

Be it because your family moved, you're starting secondary or high school, or other reason,...
Every student likes to think of the summer break as a time to play video games and sleep on the couch all day, however, this isn’t beneficial to their learning.

If you were to ask students what their favorite part of the year is, it would be summer vacation when they get to spend weeks and...
It’s common to hear children say that their math classes won’t be relevant to their adult life, however, any adult will tell you that this just isn’t correct.

Even as adults, there was some point in your educational path where you were certain that you would never use the math you were being...

Hi there! My name is Henry Phi Nguyen and I’m super excited for the opportunity to work at the Tutoring Center! I’m a recent graduate of the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (TAMS), an early-college entrance program at the University of North Texas where I spent my junior and senior years...

A student’s reading proficiency can determine the type of opportunities they are eligible for during their academic and career paths. It can be easy for a student to think that reading isn’t a skill which they need to spend much time mastering. After all, why would you need to know how to read...
While it’s true that the majority of students don’t enjoy sitting exams, it isn’t always because they are disengaged in their learning. It can also be that exams, in general, overwhelm them.

It doesn’t matter whether your student enjoys sitting their exams or not, the reality is that their...
If your children will be helping with your upcoming spring cleaning, this article can help you to make each task an educational one.

Come spring, there are two types of people who think about two very different things. Parents will think about the yearly cleaning of their home and property and...


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