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When most parents think about technology and their child, the first thought it is often distractions, whether these are social media, playing games, or watching movies. While this is a valid thought, there are many ways in which technology can complement your child's learning path and help them...
Although your children are taking advantage of the summer break, as the vacation period comes to an end, their mind starts to return to thoughts of school. Which lessons they will be taught, what their friendship group is going to look like, and which teacher they are going to be assigned are...
If you were to ask your child which time of the year is their favorite, the answer would almost certainly be summer. However, if you were to ask a teacher which time of the year is the most popular for children to forget lessons learned during their classes, their answer would be the same.


If you completed your schooling without easy access to the internet or handheld electronic devices, then it can be difficult to understand why children in today's world do not enjoy reading books. With books being the only available resources to further your education, it was how you learned...
Many parents find it difficult to understand how their child learns best, often resulting in them providing an incorrect method of assistance. For this article, we here at The Tutoring Center of Arlington have prepared some information which expands on the most commonly recognized learning styles...

What Is Preventing Your Child From Achieving Their Potential?

When many parents receive their child’s report cards or their exam results it can often be difficult to understand why their grades and general results aren’t a true reflection of the potential they know their child has. With limited...
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