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Your youngster could spend hours dedicated to their textbooks and notebooks every night, but unless the quality of their study material is high, they could be wasting their time.

When you look at your student's notebooks, does it look like they have become less of a notebook and more of a dumping ground for loose handouts the teacher provided during class, hand-drawn diagrams, and newspaper clippings?

Improve Your Student's Study Sessions

While this is likely more than fine for your student, with them potentially even defending its condition, the truth of the situation is that when it comes time to study, the notebook isn't going to be much help at all. The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX has a post below on how a quick spring clean can improve the quality of your student's notebook.

Start By Removing Clutter

The first step to improving your student’s notebook is to first venture into the wilderness that is their bedroom and retrieve it - Indiana Jones Style! As you back out of the room slowly, making sure not to disturb any wildlife living underneath their pile of clothes, find a large clean table or open space to work with. When you are ready, it’s time to remove any and all loose items out of all of your youngster’s notebook. As you do this, be sure to use a pencil to mark a number on the page and corresponding loose note to make it easy to find its place again. Place the loose items in a pile next to their original notebook.

Sorting and Culling

Now it’s time for your youngster to sort through the pile to determine what they need and what can be discarded. Be sure that they read each page thoroughly and don’t simply discard it because it looks like nothing more than a page of scribbles. Even the most doodled on pages can contain a snippet of useful information. Once they are sure they need the info, have them tell you which part of the sheet they need and cut away anything else (making sure to transfer your penciled number). If you can see that your student struggles to take understandable notes in a particular class it's possible they have come up with a learning challenge. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX at (817)-969-5100 to learn how one-to-one tutoring in Arlington, TX can give your student the tools they need to overcome any barriers and reach their academic potential.

Time to Reformat

This step will involve a bit of work on your and your student’s behalf, however, the result will be well worth the trouble.
  • Taking each loose note, match it against its original page in the notebook. However, instead of simply pasting it over a scribble or stapling it to the corner of the page, look for ways to reformat the note and incorporate the new note.
  • For example, if the loose note you are holding is a diagram cut out from a teacher’s handout, and you are looking down at a page of scribbled notes and doddles, rewrite the entire note onto a fresh page, pasting the diagram at the correct and relevant text point, bringing all of the notes onto one page.
  • If you own a scanner alongside your computer or a tablet device then you can easily scan the original page and the loose note into your computer or tablet and edit the page digitally before printing a new copy.
  • Once you have the new note, either handwritten or printed, stick it over the original page.
There are two primary benefits to this task:
  • The first is to remove distractions. Not just the doodles or scribbles, but also distracting text which isn’t immediately relevant to the note.
  • The second is that it gives your student the ability to study more efficiently. By placing all of the information on one page in a neat and easy to understand manner, while studying, your student can easily reabsorb the lesson, darting their eyes around the page easily to gain contextual references or to reference the newly included diagram.

Give Your Student the Help They Need With Tutoring in Arlington, Tx

Now that your student has a notebook which they can actually learn from effectively, the productivity of their study sessions will benefit. If you can see your youngster struggling with a particular lesson, book your free initial diagnostic assessment with The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX to find out how one-to-one tutoring in Arlington, TX can help. Call today at (817)-969-5100 to find out more.


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