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It’s common to hear children say that their math classes won’t be relevant to their adult life, however, any adult will tell you that this just isn’t correct.

Even as adults, there was some point in your educational path where you were certain that you would never use the math you were being taught in the real world. Of course, once you left the supportive learning environment of school, you quickly realized just how relevant your lessons were.

Demonstrating the Relevance of Math

If this sounds familiar and you are struggling to convince your children that their math lessons will be relevant to their adult life, below are some great activities ideas from The Tutoring Center, Arlington which can help.

Introduction to Budgeting

One of the best ways to teach a child is with a practical lesson, which is exactly what this first activity is. The next time that you are ready to prepare your shopping list and budget, invite your children to join you, make a snack, and use the activity as a great teaching platform:
  • Start at the total amount and ask your children to deduct to zero as you work through the list.
  • Teach the calculation you use when making sure bulk items are valuable to your family.
  • Share your math when deciding if sale items truly are valuable.
  • Have your children measure the items you already have in the kitchen, and then calculate how much extra is required.
If you can think of any other mathematical ways you use to get the most out of your budget, be sure to share these during the exercise. When you have everything sorted, take your children with you to the store and ask them to take charge of the shopping list and budget as you add items to the shopping cart. Letting your children take control of the budget while you shop is a great way for them to see just how relevant the math they learned is to an everyday adult task and how their math was able to save money. Small activities like these give parents a perfect opportunity to identify any learning challenges their children are facing, giving them the opportunity to address the challenge before their grades suffer. To find out how one-to-one tutoring in Kennedale, TX can help, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Arlington by calling (817)-969-5100. During your first visit, you and your children can ask any questions you have about the benefits of tutoring in Kennedale, TX.

Teach by Paying Your Bills

Reading your energy bills used to be a simple affair, simply requiring that you calculate the usage by the single rate you were charged. Nowadays, however, a utility or service bill can include a range of items, such as on and off-peak pricing differences, rebates, concessions, and any other promotional discounts, to the point where it takes a fair bit of math to make sure your bill is correct each month. While you may take this math for granted, checking these bills can be used as a great teaching platform. The next time that you receive a bill, make a snack, sit down with your children, and ask your children to check these:
  • At what times during the day does your property use the most energy?
  • Calculate the difference between rates charged throughout the day.
  • Can the bill be reduced by moving usage?
  • Are all discounts being applied to the correct amount?
  • Were any overpayments attributed to this bill?
  • With the current and previous bills, calculate an estimate of the next billing cycle.
These are not only great lessons for your children to learn, but teaching them in a practical way helps to boost lesson retention and, similar to the first activity, shows your child just how relevant math skills are to an adult task. If your children are older or you want to take the lesson further, simply swap out the bill for another which is more difficult, such as any credit card bills you have which include interest-free period calculations or discounts for early payment.

Tutoring in Kennedale, TX Can Help Improve Grades and Math Skills

If you notice that your student struggles with the math you are attempting to teach them during these activities, it’s better to act quickly and with support, before the challenge affects their grades. To find out more about tutoring in Kennedale, TX can help your child overcome learning challenges and improve their grades, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Arlington by calling (817)-969-5100.


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