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With the end of the school year approaching, more and more students will start to prepare for exams. This article can benefit parents interested in helping their children prepare.

If you have seen the homework which your child has been bringing home then it’s likely you will have recognized that their lessons are far more complex than those which you learned during your school years. However, this doesn’t mean that all parents can't help their student with their homework and exam preparation.

All Parents Can Help Their Child Study for an Exam

Just because you don’t understand physics doesn’t mean that you can’t help your child prepare for and ace their physics exam. The Tutoring Center, Arlington knows the importance of parental involvement in their child’s schooling and prepared some ideas on how you can help your student prepare for an upcoming exam.

Eating the Correct Foods

Students these days seem to think that sugar is all the fuel they need. And while sugary snacks can keep their body active and their brain awake, they aren’t doing much in the way of helping them learn. Instead of your child snacking on junk food while they study, take them a plate of healthy snacks filled with brain-fueling ingredients. If possible, pack some in their lunch box and encourage them to enjoy them while studying at school instead of accessing the vending machine and only eating candy. If you notice that your child is missing meals altogether, do your best to encourage them to take some time out and eat a filling dinner. Cooking their favorite meals on the nights they are studying is a great way to coax them out of their study room with a delicious smell and can see them return to their studying with a full stomach and a fueled brain.

All-Nighters Don’t Work

Children seem to think that studying all night is a great way to learn a lot of information fast. However, the truth is that without the downtime of sleep, a child’s brain isn’t able to process the information learned or convert it to recallable memory. This means that without sleep, your child is spending time reading lessons which aren’t going to be available to them when they are sitting in front of an exam. Explain this to your child and help them to plan their study periods to allow for solid sleep periods. Even small naps after an afternoon study session can be a great help. However, be sure they are also getting an accompanying good night's sleep before the next day of class.

Do They Have Too Many Chores?

If your child isn't able to study or sleep as much as they would like or is needed because they have a heavy chore-load, consider lowering it and taking on some of their work yourself, such as washing the dishes at night or hiring a gardener to take care of the lawn on the weekend. Doing this can allow for a more flexible schedule for your student and help them to study and sleep more, both of which can benefit their grades. If you do decrease their chores, be sure to include a few regulars so that they can continue to learn the importance of responsibility and so they don’t become accustomed to a life without important chores. If your child is struggling with their exam preparation, tutoring in a professional environment can help. Speak with a tutor today at The Tutoring Center, Arlington by calling (817)-969-5100 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment. During your first visit, a learning professional can answer any questions you have about how one-to-one subject-focused tutoring in Arlington can help your child improve their grades and their exam results.

Plan Well in Advance

If your child has exams coming up in a few months, now is the time to start planning for them. Take out a calendar or a dedicated planner and work out with your student which days they will allocate to which subject and exam. Even if these exams are months in advance, having a plan in place helps students to feel relaxed and confident. It also provides a great way for parents to track their child's study progress.

Become the Student

Whether you understand the lessons they are learning or not, asking your child to teach you what they have just learned is a great way to improve their lesson retention. Following each study session, sit down and have them present to you a brief understanding of what they've just learned. If you can, ask follow up questions. Even if you can’t, the simple act of them speaking the lessons out loud can help them to self-correct any mistakes and boost the chances of the lesson being retained.

Help Your Child Prepare for Exams With One-to-One Tutoring

If your child needs a helping hand to improve their grades or prepare for an exam, one-to-one tutoring can help. To learn more about the benefits of tutoring, speak with an expert at The Tutoring Center, Arlington. Call today at (817)-969-5100 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment where you can sit and comfortably learn about how subject-focused tutoring programs can help your child reach their learning potential.


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