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A parent could be forgiven for thinking that the summer learning slide is actually a piece of fun playground equipment where children slide down while magically absorbing new school lessons. Unfortunately, the reality is very different and definitely doesn’t include a fun slide. Instead, the summer learning slide is the name given to the phenomenon which affects all student, just like yours, when they take a long break from being in an educational environment. This includes the break they are taking right now for summer vacation. During this slide, your child’s brain begins to forget important classes and lessons, equation by equation.

Prevent the summer Learning Slide from Affecting Your Youngster

This isn’t too much of a problem during vacation time, however, when it comes time to return to school for the new year, students need to spend their valuable lesson time relearning old lessons while also trying to keep up and learn the new lessons being taught. The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX has prepared the following post with more information.

Notes for Vacation

During the previous school year, your student will have taken a large number of notes across all of their classes. When used correctly over the summer break, these notes can become a powerful learning resource, especially if they struggled with any particular classes during the school year. The best place to start is by sitting down with them and looking through all of their notebooks. While you are browsing, identify any notes or classes which posed a significant learning challenge. These notes are often identifiable due to them being written, rewritten, and then written again numerous times or if they have been scribbled in haste, often incomplete. With these notes identified, cleanly transcribe them into a new ‘Notes for Vacation’ book. This will be the notebook that your student utilizes during their summer break in a range of situations, such as:
  • If you and your family will be taking a road trip to visit a distant relative or a vacation spot, your youngster can utilize the driving time to review their notes with you in the car to answer any questions or help clear any doubts they may have during the journey.
  • If there is time between their favorite TV shows and you just happen to be preparing dinner, have them review their notes while you cook, offering passive help along the way. During this exercise, be sure that you take a passive approach. For example, if you hear them struggling, do your best to hold off interjecting and give them an opportunity to get to the answer themselves, only helping when they ask for it.
Whether your student struggled during the previous school year or you are just concerned that the summer learning slide is taking its toll, one-to-one tutoring in Arlington, TX can help. Speak with learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX today by calling (817)-969-5100 to learn more about the benefits of one-to-one tutoring in Arlington, TX and to book your free initial diagnostic assessment.

Pop Quiz

It’s pretty well known that students aren’t the biggest fans of pop-quizzes. However, this as it may be, they do know the value in them: preparing for exams and bolstering existing knowledge. It is for these two reasons that pop-quizzes over the summer break can be a great benefit to their educational path. If you can, speak with their teachers about any of the lessons they may have struggled with and ask if they have any advice on what they should be studying to prepare for the new year. If you can’t, simply use their notebook mentioned above or search online for some pre-prepared pop-quizzes you can use. Perfect examples of when to use these pop quizzes would include:
  • If you and your family are all watching television and your youngster sees an advertisement for a new movie which they want to see, use this as a reward. For example, give them a pop quiz each day during the week and reward the successful completion with a trip to the movies. You can even add in a visit to the candy bar if they can ace each of the quizzes!
Of course, you don’t have to limit this tip to the movies. However, just be sure that you keep the rewards appropriate so as not to appear as though you are bribing them to achieve high marks.

Tutoring in Arlington, TX Can Prevent the Summer Slide from Affecting Your Student

If you are a concerned parent worried about the effects of the summer learning slide, one-to-one tutoring in Arlington, TX can help. Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX by calling (817)-969-5100 to learn more or to book your free initial diagnostic assessment where you can ask any and all questions you have about how one-to-one tutoring in Arlington, TX can benefit your child.


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