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Being the new student at a school can make you very nervous. For tips on how you can make the transition period smoother, read this post that The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX has put together for you.

Be it because your family moved, you're starting secondary or high school, or other reason, being the new student in school can be extremely intimidating. If you're in this situation and would like tips on how you can make the adaptation process easier on you, continue reading the post below.

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How to Start in a New School

Research the School

If you know absolutely nothing about the school you'll be attending, it will be more challenging for you to know what to expect out of the situation. For that reason, the first step to make this transition smoother is to research the school you'll be attending. You can look at information about it online to learn more about it. However, it's strongly recommended that you tour the installations. Walking around the campus will help you get a better sense of the place. Plus, if you already know your classroom, you can start identifying them so you don't feel as lost when you get there.

Prepare What You'll Need

Feeling like you're not prepared to start the new school year will definitely make you feel more stressed out about the whole situation. That's why, you should start preparing what you'll need for school. For example, you can start gathering all of the school supplies you'll be taking, and packing your backpack with them. Likewise, you can choose and prepare the outfit you'll be wearing on the first day. Speaking of which...

Care for Your Appearance

Something that's worth mentioning is that appearances aren't everything, and that you shouldn't stress about them too much during your first days at a new school. However, caring for your appearance can do wonders for your own confidence, which is why you should choose an outfit you feel comfortable with. On this same note, remember to make hygiene a priority: shower, wear deodorant, wash your clothing, brush your teeth, and more, to make a clean first impression.

Try Meeting People

It's likely that the most intimidating part about going to a new school for many students is the fact that they don't know anyone there. And, the only way to change that is to meet new people. That's why, you need to start introducing yourself to your peers and teachers, and to be open to converse with them. If needed, ask for their help and tell them to introduce you to others. This will help you start building relationships, which will slowly make the new school seem more familiar.

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Get Involved With the School

A great tip that can help you meet new people is to get involved with the school. It's likely they have clubs, teams, and activities that you can participate in. For example, you can join the debate team, try out for one of the sports, become part of the drama club, help organize and put together a charity event, attend a dance, and much more. Through them, you'll start meeting people that have similar interests to you, and that you may not be able to meet otherwise. As you become part of the school's community, you'll start feeling like you belong there.

Keep in Touch With Old Friends

Probably the saddest part about not going to the same school is that you won't be able to see your friends as often. This is especially hard when you consider that you were so used to seeing them every single day for long hours each day. Still, as much as it's hard that you don't have that contact with them anymore, there are a lot of ways in which you can keep in touch (especially during this day and age). You can make plans to meet up regularly, speak on the phone at any time, and constantly chat through messaging apps. It's even recommended that you talk to them often at first, so you don't feel as alone during the adaptation process.

Remain as Positive as Possible

Last but not least, keep a positive attitude throughout the whole situation. It can be difficult to see now, but there are a lot of good things about starting at a new school (like meeting new people), and you should focus on that for now. If you're nervous about the social and academic challenges that this change entails, be confident in yourself. Shut the negative thoughts away and now that you can face this challenge successfully.

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