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Tips for Taking More Productive Notes

The previous post provided information about what the cloud is and how it can help a student with their note taking. In addition to this information, this post from The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX is focused on tips you can provide to your child to help them take better notes and make the most of their study sessions.

What Does That Say?

Study notes are only useful if you can read what you've written. If you aren't paying attention while you are writing or you try to write too quickly, then all you are going to be left with is unhelpful notes. Each time that you sit down to take notes, take a deep breath and, as you write, focus on legible and productive notes. If you still find that you are struggling to write the amount of information you feel that you need or want to, consider the two tips below.

Don't Write Everything

Leading on from the above tip, one of the main reasons why a student writes poorly is because they are attempting to write everything the teacher or lecturer says. Instead, pay close attention to important parcels of information. As an example, if you are attending a History lecture, be sure to always clearly note names and figures, times, dates, and places. While it may be the most basic of information, it is legible and is enough to allow further research post-lecture or lesson.

Take It One Step Further

If you find that this still isn't helping and you can't keep up with what you need to note down, consider using formal shorthand or create a version of your own. For example, you could take a look through your notes and pick out any long words or statements which are often repeated. Once you have a list, create your own abbreviations for them as you write and use the list as your 'cheat sheet' for study review. If your child needs help with their general study sessions or is finding a particular lesson challenging, speak with The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX at (817)-969-5100 . During  a free consultation you can learn about how one-to-one tutoring in Arlington TX can help children of all learning levels reach their potential.

Collaborate with Your Classmates

You aren't the only student in your lesson or lecture taking notes. In fact, you likely aren't the only student who is struggling to take sufficient notes and who has problems with review. Before your next lecture, meet up with a classmate or two and assign particular information points to pay attention to. For example, one student could pay close attention to names and dates, another student could note down social standings and alliances, while another could ensure all additional reading materials mentioned is recorded. At the end of the lecture, get together and combine your notes. Not only is this a great way to ensure that more information is being taken, but that the information is accurate and relevant.

Digitize Your Notes

If you are about to embark on a family road trip or just accompany you parents during their errands, you have the perfect time to review your notes, as long as they're convenient and easy to update and edit on a range of mobile devices, not just your laptop. Once you have reviewed your notes, digitize them. You can do this by either typing out your notes into a word document or by scanning the pages into your tablet, laptop, or cell phone. This can give you easy access to your notes to review information in small bursts. If you do decide to type your notes into a document, consider an online note taking service which allows you and the classmates you compared notes with to share notes and updates. This allows each student to update notes on-the-fly, such as on the bus using a cell phone or on your tablet while watching a  movie.

Students of All Levels Can Benefit from Tutoring in Arlington TX

Many parents see tutoring as a service for struggling students. While this is true, tutoring can also benefit students who are achieving a B or an A average and really want to make it an A+. Tutoring can also benefit students who do not find their regular classes challenging and are looking for additional education. To learn more during your free consultation, speak with The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX at (817)-969-5100 and ask about how tutoring in Arlington TX can help your child succeed.


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