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If you completed your schooling without easy access to the internet or handheld electronic devices, then it can be difficult to understand why children in today's world do not enjoy reading books. With books being the only available resources to further your education, it was how you learned anything you wanted to know about your chosen subjects. This reliance on physical books formed a strong connection for you.

Embrace Technology and Help Your Child Enjoy Reading as Much as You

If this sounds like you and you are struggling to instill the value of books and the benefits of reading in your child, The Tutoring Center of Arlington has a post which can help. By providing information on a device known as an e-reader, this post aims to provide you with a way to help your child become more interested in reading, and in turn, increase their reading abilities.

Embrace the Screen

With the versatility of a digital screen, they are well and truly here to stay. While your child may seem like their eyes are permanently glued to their cell phone or tablet screen, it is this very action which provides you with the opportunity to wake their interest in reading. It just takes a change of tactic.

What Exactly Is an E-Reader?

An electronic reader or e-reader is a small device which includes a purpose designed screen. Unlike the display on your tablet or cell phone, the screen of an e-reader is optimized to allow long instances of reading without being harmful to your eyes. In comparison to a standard tablet, an e-reader has two main benefits:

Storage Size

While it may be small in size, the digital storage space inside an e-reader is capable of holding hundreds of books. These books can be downloaded using your home wifi or transferred to the device from your laptop or PC.

Missing Social Abilities

Due to the display and nature of an e-reader, it does not have the capability of browsing the internet or installing social media applications. Additionally, it does not have access to any 'app stores', and can not be used to view or play games or movies. You may have seen these devices being used by adults during the commute on the train or the bus. While adults are their biggest consumer base, the devices are by no means limited to adult usage.

How Can an E-Reader Increase Your Child's Interest in Reading?

When children think of reading, they immediately think of a physical book. As we mentioned above, as adults you likely have a connection with such a physical media. However, your children do not. By installing their favorite books onto an e-reader, children are provided with the ability to enjoy reading on a device which they feel comfortable and enjoy using. Using such a device works to encourage your child's interest in reading as it brings books into their preferred medium. To help your child increase their reading abilities, speak with The Tutoring Center of Arlington at (817)-969-5100 and learn about the benefits of one-to-one instruction. With purpose-designed programs such as our "Geniuses in Training" programs, children are provided with the educational resources they need to achieve their learning and reading potential.

Now for the Educational Part

With your child now interested in using an e-reader, you have the perfect opportunity to increase its educational value. Take a look at your child's textbooks and copy down their titles. With this information, look for electronic e-book versions of each one which you can install on their e-reader. With these often heavy textbooks now installed on a small and convenient device, instead of choosing which ones to carry around, they now have constant access to each one. This means that the bus ride to school or accompanying you on your daily errands can easily become opportunities for them to study and review. If you find that your child is thoroughly enjoying studying their textbooks on their e-reader, consider upgrading the model to one which includes a digital pen and keyboard that allows them to write digital notes on each electronic page. These pages and notes can easily be printed to include in their physical notebook, shared with classmates or teachers, or copied to a digital note taking service they may use. If you are hesitant to provide a device with a keyboard, remember that these devices are not able to access social networking applications

Increase Your Chid's Reading Abilities With Tutoring Classes at a Learning Center Near Tarrant County

To help your child boost their reading skills in a more formal setting, talk to a learning expert at The Tutoring Center of Arlington at (817)-969-5100 and learn about the benefits of one-to-one instruction. With purpose designed programs to increase reading proficiency, The Tutoring Center of Arlington is the best learning center near Tarrant County to help your child achieve academic success.


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