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When most parents think about technology and their child, the first thought it is often distractions, whether these are social media, playing games, or watching movies. While this is a valid thought, there are many ways in which technology can complement your child's learning path and help them increase their grades.

Using their extensive experience providing tutoring in Arlington TX, The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX would like to share some information on how one aspect of technology, 'The Cloud', can help your child throughout their education.

First - What Is the Cloud?

'The Cloud' is a term which you have likely heard before. When services utilize 'The Cloud', they take advantage of technology which allows information to be stored online and accessed anywhere and on any device. The most common example would be a music streaming service, which holds your music in 'The Cloud', yet makes it always available to you. Essentially, 'The Cloud' is somebody else's powerful and connected computer.

No More Forgetting a Notebook

Too often, students will forget one of their notebooks as they race out of the front door in the morning and will need to attend class or a lecture without the benefit of their notes. Not only can this hinder their ability to continue with the lesson, but it can also prevent them from clarifying previous information which may be addressed. When utilizing a cloud based note-taking service, notes are kept online, instead of physically written down in one or a collection of books. With a cloud-based note taking service, students have access to their notes via their laptop, tablet, or even their cell phone anywhere they are, often with or without an internet connection.

Quick Additions and Clarification

Have you ever been out completing errands and remembered something that you wanted to add to a grocery list but then forgot it before you had a chance to find a pen and paper? These are moments which are also shared by students, however, instead of grocery items, these lost moments often result in them forgetting important pieces of a lesson which can be crucial to their school performance. When utilizing a cloud note-taking service, students can easily take out their cell phone, open up the relevant note, and make any small and quick changes before the moment of brilliance has gone. This ability isn't just limited to their cell phone, however. Students can use a cellphone, tablet, laptop, or even their friend's computer to access their notes. If you are interested in helping your child achieve high grades in school, speak with The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX to learn about one-to-one instruction. To find out more , speak with The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX at (817) 969 5100.

Group Study

When managed correctly, group study sessions can be a great way for students to learn and clarify information from each other in a friendly environment. A group study session is also the perfect reason to utilize a cloud-based note taking service. Before heading into a tutorial or a lecture, study groups can assign important aspects of each subject which they will pay particularly close attention to. For example, if the lecture is history based, one student can ensure dates are correctly recorded, another student can record example and context specifics, while another student pays attention to landmarks. Once the lecture is complete, each student can return home and begin to transcribe their notes into the groups 'shared note'. As this occurs, each student can clarify and correct any notes which other students are writing. This leads each student to be in a position to revise not just more information, but correct information. Another benefit to a 'shared note' is similar to the point mentioned above about remembering information at inconvenient moments. By creating a 'shared note', group members can add, remove, and adjust any of the notes which have been taken. These changes are immediately viewable by all members of the group, no matter where they are. If one student remembers a key piece of information, they can update the shared note allowing each other student to access updated information.

Notetaking and Tutoring in Arlington, TX

Note taking is an important aspect of any student's success, and ensuring they are recording the right type of notes is a skill which can be learned through tutoring in Arlington, TX. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX at (817) 969 5100 about how tutoring in Arlington TX using our 'Geniuses in Training' programs can help your child excel during their educational path.


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