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Much has changed when it comes to a traditional classroom. In fact, much has changed with it comes to a traditional student. However, one thing has remained the same - distractions. The difference between then and now, however, is that as the classroom and society have evolved, so too have distractions.

  If you noticed that your child was returning home with grades less than you know they are capable of the past school year, it might have been caused by distractions. To help make this year a more productive one, The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX has some information to share about distractions and how you can overcome them.

External Distractions

Daydreaming. We have all done it. It's even very likely that you did it today! While it may have been a good way to pass the time waiting for the traffic light to change, when a student does it, it could mean missing out on crucial information. Unfortunately, as you know, daydreaming is very easy to do. If your child is a bit of a daydreamer, speak with their teacher about placing them closer to the front of the class where the teacher can maintain a good level of eye contact to keep them engaged. Alternatively, it could be as simple as moving them away from the window so they can't watch the football practice when they should be studying for a math test.

Social Distractions

A modern classroom is filled with many social nuances, largely driven by one or a group of 'cool kids'. While these students may not be friends with your child, just feeling the social pressure can be enough for good students to become socially distracted and stop paying attention during class. As parents, it's easy to realize how little of an impact social standing in school has with further educational or employment opportunities. Conveying this message successfully to a child, however, is not always an easy task. The best way for a child to learn without these distractions is by removing the social influence entirely. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX at 817 969 5100 to find out more about how learning in a purpose designed studying environment free from social influences can help your child reach their learning potential.

Phones and Gadgets

You only need to look at kids in the street to see that their new best friend is now their cell phone or the latest gadget. "School? Sure, just as soon as I finish posting this picture." This is a common response from modern students. With ever growing class numbers, it is increasingly difficult for teachers to monitor and control usage. Below are two ways to address this distraction:
  1. Sit down with your child and speak to them about the importance of school. Moreso, however, try not to neglect their gadgets. Instead of portraying their gadget as the enemy, speak about appropriate use.
  2. If that doesn't work, another option is to simply not allow them to take their phone or gadget to school until they are able to use it responsibly. While they may think it's the end of the world, when they are older and have their dream job, they will thank you (with a text, of course!).

I'm Bored!

When asked why they become distracted, many students will reply that they are simply bored. While it can be easy to think that this is the response of an uninterested child, the opposite could be true. When a student becomes interested in a subject or a lesson, they devote their entire attention to it. However, if the lesson being taught is progressing too slowly, it can lead these genuinely interested students to become frustrated at the progress, turning their interest into boredom. No matter what the subject is, if your child is showing an interest, it is a great idea to nurture it and help them excel. If you feel like your child isn't receiving the educational stimulation they need to not only stay interested in school but reach their potential, look at alternative and external learning opportunities. This could range from formal tutoring to informal work experience sessions.

Stimulate a Child's Mind With Tutoring in Arlington TX

If any of these distractions seems familiar when thinking about your child's classroom, you aren't alone. Many parents in the same position are looking for alternative means to provide their child with additional lessons. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX at 817 969 5100 and ask about how the 'Geniuses in Training' programs can help children at all levels excel at school and in their exams.


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