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As the end of the academic year fast approaches, now is the perfect time for students to pick up their game and pay close attention to their studies. This time is so important that the previous article was dedicated to providing parents with tips and tools to help their student during this difficult and often stressful time.

Appropriate Incentives to Keep Your Student's Learning on Track

To complement the techniques provided in the previous article, The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX has some information in this post on small and appropriate incentives you can use to help your student keep their eyes on their studies and not focused on their vacation plans.


You have likely noticed that WiFi is everywhere you go, at the supermarket, at your bank, and even at the car wash! However, do you know one particular location which doesn't have Wifi access? Your child's school. This is why they are so anxious to get online when they return home from school so they can connect and catch up on the latest celebrity gossip and social media posts. While it would be counterproductive to their studies to remove their internet access, you can leverage its power. Here's how:
  • Imagine a student who struggles to remember Pi:
    • While your student is at school, change your Wi-Fi password to 3141592653.
  • For a student who struggles with History, for example, the settling of Australia:
    • Change the Wi-Fi password to 01261788 to represent its settlement date.
Whatever subject or lesson your student struggles with, use the answers to commonly challenging questions as your Wi-Fi password, remembering to change it each day they are at school. Each day they return home and walk in the door, prompt them with the question which matches the password. Maintaining learning momentum during this time of the school year is no easy task and one which many students struggle with, leaving their studies to fall by the wayside, along with their grades and exam results. Math tutoring in Arlington, TX has shown proven results when it comes to preparing students for upcoming exams and assessments and can help your child stay on track. Call The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX today at (817)-969-5100 and book your free consultation where a trained learning professional can answer any questions you have about how math tutoring in Arlington, TX can help your student.

The Value of a Chore

The next time that you ask your children to wash the dishes or take out the trash, pay attention to their face. You will likely see that they feel that completing household chores is the worst thing in the world! I mean, like, can you, like, possibly even imagine, like, totally taking the trash to the curb? Talk about a social nightmare! If this sounds familiar, here is a way you can use the chores which you know you would end up doing anyway to their learning advantage. Consider assigning a value to each chore (in your head only) and have it ready for when the time comes. Examples could include:
  • Not washing the dishes that night = 15 minutes of additional reading time.
  • Not needing to vacuum their room one weekend = additional time spent improving the visual appeal of their project.
  • Free from taking the dog for a walk = spend 20 minutes on a practice college application.
Incidental chores such as these are minimal in the grand scheme of things if swapping their completion means improving your student's knowledge or memory recall.

Sluggish Routines?

Let's face it - coffee is one of the biggest reasons you get out of bed each morning, and it fuels your ability to get your kids out of the house on time. However, coffee isn't something which you children drink, so the incentive for them isn't there. If your student is missing out on school time because they are constantly late, here are some great ways to help you keep the morning routine flowing.
  • If you can hear the shower start on time = prepare their favorite breakfast for when they come down to the kitchen.
  • If you can see them helping their sibling to get ready = a special treat in their lunchbox.
  • Getting to the bus stop 5 minutes early = consider cooking their favorite meal for dinner that night.
While they can seem insignificant, it all adds up to helping your student maintain and recall crucial knowledge through incidental instances of learning.

Math Tutoring in Arlington, TX Can Work for Your Student

These are some great ways for every parent to help their child stay focused in the lead-up to the end of year exams and assessments. If your student could do with a helping hand or they find a particular lesson challenging, speak with The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX. Call today at (817)-969-5100 to learn more about the benefits of math tutoring in Arlington, TX and to book your free consultation.


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