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When it comes time to identify if their child is struggling at school, a parent’s first indication is often a student’s report card. Unfortunately, by the time that a parent is looking down at bad grades, it's too late. While it’s true that their teacher will raise any noticeable concerns with you directly, for students who don’t make much of a fuss, their performance can often fly under the radar, leaving them to just coast by until report card time.

Does Your Child Need Tutoring?

The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX knows how important is it to catch identifiers quickly. To help you, they have  prepared some information on two key aspects of your child’s behavior which could indicate they need help and simply aren’t asking for it.

Everything is Always Done at the Last Minute

If you are constantly hearing, “I can’t do anything, I have an assignment due tomorrow,” then you may not be hearing a student with a heavy workload. Instead, you may be listening to a student with poor time management skills. While it may go unnoticed, poor time management skills aren’t something which often alert a parent simply because they see their child completing the assignment or project by the due date. However, they often don’t see the quality of the work completed, until, of course, the report card comes home. Poor time management skills can wreak havoc on a child’s educational path, not just at school, but also as they seek further education. Imagine a scenario where a conscientious student attends all of their classes. During each of their classes, they listen carefully, write down all of the relevant notes, and even help out their classmates to correct any mistakes they made during each class. This student is a truly dedicated student who enjoys learning. Now imagine this student rushing to type up their assignment at the last minute, simply because they didn’t plan out their time appropriately. Instead of completing an assignment that should have taken three days, they are completing it in a matter of hours. As you can guess, the quality of the assignment isn’t going to represent the student’s knowledge, their learning abilities, or even their interest in the lesson. Instead, the assignment is completed haphazardly and earns nothing more than the bad grade you see on their report card. More than teaching students important lessons to help them improve their test scores, tutoring in Arlington TX teaches children of all ages and learning levels how to manage their time better. These skills aren’t limited to completing assignments, however. Additionally, skills learned through tutoring in Arlington TX also help students to complete exams and tests in ways which maximize their time and their knowledge. To learn more about how tutoring in Arlington TX can help your child, speak with The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX at (817)-969-5100. During your free initial consultation and diagnostic sessions, a learning professional can answer any questions you have about tutoring in Arlington TX and how it can help your student.

Are They Still Doing Their Homework While They Eat Dessert?

It is important for each parent to note that the complexity of lessons being taught today far out shadow those which were likely taught during their school-based education. However, this is not to say that students should be up until midnight completing their homework. While teachers understand the importance of continuing study at home, they also understand the time limitations faced by students. With this in mind, if you notice that your child is taking longer than they should to complete their homework, it’s likely that they need help and are not asking for it. When a student arrives to class and sees their classmates all handing in their homework, they assume that each student finished it in a matter of hours, and if they ask for help, then they are saying they can’t perform as well as their classmates. Of course, as an adult, we see this as an opportunity for a student to improve themselves. However, in the social construct of a school, asking for help isn’t always easy. If you notice that your child is bringing their homework to the dinner table and spilling chocolate sauce all over their textbooks, it’s time to ask the question. Not for them, but for you as a parent. Simply remarking on how much work a student seems to have and asking if they need a bit of help can be all that is needed for a child to know that it’s okay that they are struggling. It's also a great way to let them know that help is available.

Prevent Slipping Grades with Tutoring in Arlington TX

If your child’s grades are slipping or you notice they are always running around the house trying to get everything they need to complete an assignment at the last minute, tutoring in Arlington TX can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX today by calling (817)-969-5100 to learn more about tutoring in Arlington TX and how it can help your student improve their time management skills and subject knowledge.


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