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Social distancing means spending many hours at home. If your hobbies normally involve doing group activities or going to the great outdoors, chances are you are bored at home. Luckily, there are many activities and hobbies you can do to spend your time and enjoy your time at home. If you are looking for some advice as well as would like to learn some hobbies you can do at home, read this article by The Tutoring Center, Arlington, TX.


Do you enjoy taking pictures? Why not make photography your new hobby? Even though you can’t travel anywhere or go to many places to take photographs, there are still plenty of interesting things you can find at home and around your neighborhood, You might be surprised at how much beauty is around you. You don’t have to own a professional camera in order to have this hobby, using your phone is just as great when it comes to starting a photography journey.

Pressing Flowers

Pressing flowers is a very simple activity to do and you can do it with materials you are very likely to already have at home. All you need is a stack of books, some glue, and some parchment paper. Go out to your garden or to your favorite plant and choose a flower or some leaves to press. Next, take two sheets of parchment paper and place the flowers in between. Put the flowers and parchment paper between two stacks of books and leave them for an extended period of time until dry.


Meditation is a practice that is proven to have many benefits for mental and physical health. Through mindfulness, which is the practice of noticing your thoughts and feelings without judging them, you can be more present and be more aware of the current moment. This is very important and can be very beneficial especially when going through a tough time or a big adjustment to your lifestyle.

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