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If you were to ask your child which time of the year is their favorite, the answer would almost certainly be summer. However, if you were to ask a teacher which time of the year is the most popular for children to forget lessons learned during their classes, their answer would be the same.

Keep Your Child's Brain Active During the Summer Vacation

Many parents find it difficult to find ways for their child to continue their learning and retain their lessons in a fun and enjoyable manner over summer. With extensive experience providing summer tutoring classes near Arlington, The Tutoring Center of Arlington has prepared some easy ways for parents to mix fun with learning.

A Reading Picnic

Reading is a great activity to keep a complacent mind active, both in children and adults, and is easily made enjoyable. Take your child to the local library or bookstore and let them choose a book that interests them. Next, pack a picnic basket with lunch and some tasty treats and spend a few hours at the local park or picnic area reading together. A relaxing and outdoor environment such as this is a great way to enjoy reading during the summer break. If you can find a book which you will both enjoy, get two copies and read alongside each other. As you complete each chapter, take a break for a snack and discuss where you think the story is going. This will also provide an opportunity for your child to ask any questions relating to new vocabulary items they have encountered.

Field Trips

Kids love it when their class goes on a field trip, and there's no reason why this should stop over summer. If your child is learning about aquatic animals at school, take them to an aquarium. To add an educational flair to the outing, once you return home, encourage your child to create an information packet on some of their favorite animals using the information they learned during the visit. Once this is complete, have them present this to your family to boost their public speaking skills and confidence. If your child finds a particular school subject challenging, speak with The Tutoring Center of Arlington at (817) 969 5100 to learn about how your child can benefit from formal summer tutoring classes near Arlington.

Family Game Nights

Instead of going to the movies to sit in silence, get the family together for a game night. If your child is finding basic math a challenge, choose games which require strategy and math such as Monopoly. For an extra challenge, designate your child to be "The Banker". If you want to stretch their general knowledge, games like Trivial Pursuit are a great way to put their brain and general knowledge to the test. One of the great benefits to Trivial Pursuit is that even if you or your child answer incorrectly, everybody can learn from hearing the correct answer read from the card.

Creative Journaling

Keeping a journal is a great way for children to not only maintain their writing skills but increase their vocabulary. Provide your children with a journal and encourage them to write in it at least once a day. However, instead of writing about their regular daily activities as they occurred, have them use these are a basis for a creative story. Engaging their imagination is a great way to expand their writing style, and often results in an increased vocabulary as they search for new words to tell their stories.

Home Science Experiments

While children may not seem too excited about the theory behind science, they do get excited by the practical exercises! From the classic 'home volcano' demonstration to creating your own taste treats with sugar and popsicles, these types of activities are excellent ways for children (and you) to enjoy science at home. Search online for any number of science experiments which you can do at home, but be careful, many of them can get quite messy!

Summer Tutoring Classes Near Arlington

These are just some of the ways that you and your child can enjoy learning together at home and prevent summer learning loss. If you feel that your child finds a particular subject challenging during school, summer tutoring classes near Arlington can help. To book a free consultation and learn more about the benefits of one-to-one instruction, speak with The Tutoring Center of Arlington at (817) 969 5100. Available through the summer period, purpose designed "Geniuses in Training" programs can greatly assist children who find subjects such as reading, writing, and math to be challenging.


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