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The holidays are all about relaxing, celebrating, and spending time with family. For students, winter break provides a well-deserved break from school assignments. However, it also enables the opportunity of learning loss. To prevent this from happening, we have a list of learning activities you can enjoy this winter break. Learn more in this article that The Tutoring Center, Arlington, TX, has for you.

Visit a Museum (Online)

If you love, visiting a museum is the perfect learning activity for you. However, if going to a museum is not an option, taking an online tour is the way to go. Like the National Gallery of Art, many museums, the Dalí Theatre-Museum, and the Louvre offer amazing online tours. You can enjoy your favorite pieces of art while learning about their history.

Explore Your Family Heritage

Now that you are spending extra time with your family, take some to ask them about their heritage. Interview your family members and ask them about their childhood and history. Learning about your family's cultural heritage gives you a different outlook on history and your family's trajectory. Make sure to take notes and write down different stories you hear to revisit them later on.

Paint a Winter Mural

Painting a mural allows you to tap into your inner artist. Start by choosing a wall at home to paint your mural or buy a big canvas. Next, choose an image or illustration you want for your mural. You can also create your own design or illustration. Take a pencil and start tracing your design onto the wall or canvas. Next, take some paint and paintbrushes and get started! Make sure to place some paper or plastic cover on your floors to prevent them from getting stained.

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