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Summer is quickly coming to an end, which means the new school year is right around the corner. To ensure this year is a successful one for your child, help them prepare for it with these tips.

How to Prepare for a Successful School Year

The new school year is on the horizon and there's no slowing down its arrival. Before it's too late, help your child prepare so that they're ready to have their most successful year yet. Not sure where to start? Use these tips to in the weeks leading up to the new academic year.

Set School Year Goals

The start of the school year is the perfect time to hash out some new goals that will guide your child's efforts throughout the year. Before their first day back in classes arrives, have a talk about the things they would like to accomplish this school year. Once they have some clear ideas, help your child turn these things into SMART goals. SMART goals should be: Specific: Have your child be as specific as possible when creating goals. Rather than saying they want to get good grades, have them specify what grades they're aiming for in each class. Measurable: A goal should be measurable so that your child can evaluate if they're actually making progress towards it. An easy way to ensure your child's goals are measurable is by setting milestones or checkpoints along the way to their target to ensure they're on track or making progress towards their end goal. Attainable: All goals should be attainable, otherwise your child is setting themselves up for failure. Help your child set goals that are challenging but also realistic so that they don't get discouraged and give up. Relevant: If your child isn't interested in meeting their goals, they won't work very hard at them. Don't set goals for your child and instead let them decide what they want to achieve so that they stay motivated. Timely: Finally, every goal your child sets should have a deadline. This will give them a time limit, making their goals much more present in their day to day. Create a plan together that will help your child achieve their goals in the time they have available. Check in along the way to ensure they're still on track to make this happen.

Be Clear About Expectations

As a parent, it only makes sense that you have certain expectations for your child when it comes to their education. Before the academic year starts, sit down with your child to discuss these expectations. As children get older, consider slowly giving them more responsibilities, like doing homework without being told. Don't forget to ask your child what expectations they have of you. Your child may ask for your help when it comes to tough homework assignments or your support when they're having a rough time. Communicate clearly and make a deal to keep that communication flowing all year. Enroll your child in tutoring in  Arlington TX to ensure they have the best school year yet. Check out that academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX and find one that suits your child's needs. To learn more about these, give their learning center a call at (817)-969-5100.

School Supplies

Buying school supplies may not seem like a big deal, but some back to school shopping can get your child excited for the year ahead. Don't buy tons of things just yet since some teachers may ask for very specific items. For now, stick to basics like pencils, pens, notebooks, and sticky notes. Let your child pick out items they like so that they're more excited to use them. Something as small as new pens and notebooks can get them excited to put them to use this new school year.

Get Back in the Swing of Things

Chances are that your child has some school time routines that help them be more efficient. Over summer break, however, they may have forgotten about these routines altogether. Before their first day back arrives, get to work on rebuilding a bedtime routine, a morning routine, and an after school routine that will help your child be more efficient and at their best. If your child has gotten used to going to bed late, have them start going to bed a bit earlier each night until they reach their ideal bedtime. The same goes for their wake up time. Have you child get up a bit earlier each morning so that the morning of their first day of school isn't a huge challenge.

After School Tutoring in Arlington TX

Enrolling your child in tutoring in  Arlington TX can help them reach their academic goals. Learn all about the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX by calling their learning center at (817)-969-5100. Don't forget to ask about your free initial diagnostic assessment!


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