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Every student likes to think of the summer break as a time to play video games and sleep on the couch all day, however, this isn’t beneficial to their learning.

If you were to ask students what their favorite part of the year is, it would be summer vacation when they get to spend weeks and weeks doing nothing more than lazing on the couch playing video games, watching movies, and double tapping every social media update and photo they can find. After all, this is what the summer vacation is all about, right? Despite how much a student would like it to be the case, the summer vacation is a time for a mixture of both fun and learning, ensuring their brain doesn’t turn to mush. The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX has prepared a post on the topic, below.

Reacting to a Report Card

There are some students who returned home at the end of the school year with a stellar report card filled with grades they achieved through studying and hard work. However, there are also many more students who tried their best during the school year but weren’t able to achieve the grades they were hoping, returning home with a report card filled with teacher’s comments. And while this may appear negative, the teacher’s comments can be a powerful teaching platform to help your children address any learning challenges they were not able to overcome in the previous school year. Start by reading all of the teacher’s comments, however, focus on identifying a theme. For example, if your student struggled to speak in front of the class or present their work then there is a good chance it was noticed by multiple teachers, resulting in a number of comments on the subject. Once you have identified your child’s struggled areas, you can address them over summer. Keeping with the above example, consider these activities:
  • Make a copy of a range of paragraphs from textbooks, magazines, and even fictional stories, and stick them to treats in your kitchen. Each time that your student wants a treat, encourage them to read the paragraph aloud in front of a family member.
  • Reading your mail aloud as you prepare dinner or drive around completing your errands is not only convenient for you, but it opens your child up to a range of writing and reading styles to benefit from.
  • Reading non-educational books over the summer break can be a great way to learn new vocabulary and feel comfortable reading aloud something they enjoy.
If your child is struggling in a different area, adapt these tips or create new ways of your own to include small learning instances into your child’s summer vacation days. If your child struggled in the previous school year or you are concerned that they are falling behind their classmates, tutoring in  Arlington TX can help. Book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX by calling (817)-969-5100 and speak with a learning professional about the benefits of tutoring in  Arlington TX and how tutoring in Arlington TX can help your student prepare for the upcoming school year.

Preparing for the Year Ahead

On the subject of preparing for the upcoming year, as subjects become more and more difficult, it’s important that students begin each school year prepared and confident. Unfortunately, for students who struggled during the previous school year, this is easier said than done. If this sounds like a student in your home, make a snack and have a comfortable talk with them about nerves they may be feeling or areas of their study where they are not confident, and devices a plan, for example:
  • Help them to review their notebooks over the summer break and fill in any learning gaps they may have which are preventing them from moving forward with new lessons.
  • Read ahead in the textbook and identify potential hurdles well in advance, and discuss ways to overcome them now or work towards it in anticipation.
  • Speak with older students who have been through the grade and subject before to learn more about what will be expected and tips to prepare.
When it comes to ensuring your child is ready for the school year, the key is to identify any learning challenges and address them well in advance, such as over the summer break when they have a lot of free time.

Tutoring in Arlington TX Can Work for Your Student

If you are worried about your child falling behind in school or their homework has become too complex for you to understand, tutoring in  Arlington TX can help. To find out more, speak with a friendly teaching professional at The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX by calling (817)-969-5100 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment.  


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