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A student would tell you that the summer break should be spent doing no studying. A teacher would tell you that this is the worst idea on how to spend the summer break. Who would you believe? There is no denying that the summer break is the ideal time for students to relax, spend time with their friends and families, and generally unwind. However, allocating the entire summer break period to these tasks is not conducive to a student's progress.

Understand More About the Summer Learning Slide

To help you understand more about the summer learning slide, how it can affect your student, and how you can prevent its effects, The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX has the following article to share.

What Exactly Is the Summer Learning Slide

While you might not like to consider students as items in your kitchen, the easiest and most basic way to explain the summer learning slide is by using the example of a sponge. If you were to take a sponge and immerse it in water or any other fluid, it would immediately begin to soak up as much as it can. Of course, as soon as you take the sponge out of the liquid, it immediately begins to leak. A drip here, a drizzle there, and maybe even a splash! Summer tutoring in Arlington TX is the best way to prevent important lessons dripping out of your student's brain over the summer vacation period. Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX by calling (817)-969-5100 to learn more about how one-on-one tutoring sessions in Arlington, TX can help.

I Understand the Sponge, but How Does It Relate to My Student?

In the context of a student and their studying, imagine that the sponge is their brain. At their age, their brain is primed to absorb any and all information which is thrown at it. While a student is at school, their brain is surrounded by learning instances, whether your student likes it or not. Now, continuing with the above example, consider your student's brain when it is taken away from school during the summer break. As you can likely gather, their brain is going to slowly drip away knowledge. Of course, this knowledge isn't likely to include their friends' birthdays, how many likes their latest photo received, or even what supplies they need for the next school year. Instead, important lessons and other school and learning related tasks and activities are the items that suffer.

A Little Knowledge Loss Can't Hurt...Right?!

If the knowledge lost was simple and easy to relearn, such as the exact date of a country's settlement or the spelling of a famous conqueror's name, then it wouldn't be so bad. However, when you consider a primary subject such as math, the effects are much worse. Being a progressive subject, each student needs to not only learn, but master each calculation and algorithm they are given during their course. This is for the simple reason that, if they don't, the next lesson won't make sense. Neither will the next, or the next one after that. Now imagine that a student who hasn't been exposed to any math lessons during their summer break returns to school for a new school year. However, because they didn't include any studying over the break, small, yet important pieces of information regarding calculations have been lost. Of course, their classmates continued their study and are diligently learning the new lesson being taught. This all happens while your student struggles to both write down and learn the current lessons while simultaneously trying to remember and relearn the lessons from the past school year. This leaves a student in the position of falling behind in their classes before they have even had a chance to learn all of their teacher's names!

How Can You Help?

Before you immediately enroll your student into a full-time summer learning camp, remember that each student is still a teenager. While they need to continue their learning, maintaining a full course load over the entire summer break isn't going to benefit their mind, their wellbeing, or their enjoyment of school.

Balanced  Math Tutoring in Arlington TX Is the Answer

By providing students with intense one-on-one tutoring classes in Arlington, TX, The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX can ensure that your student's hard earned knowledge isn't lost over the summer break. This could include lessons on a range of subjects from math, reading, or even writing. To learn more about how you can prevent the summer learning loss from putting your student at a disadvantage when school resumes, speak with The Tutoring Center, Arlington TX. Call today at (817)-969-5100 to book your free consultation and speak with a learning professional about how math tutoring in Arlington, TX can help to keep your child's learning on track over the summer break.


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