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What Is Preventing Your Child From Achieving Their Potential?

When many parents receive their child’s report cards or their exam results it can often be difficult to understand why their grades and general results aren’t a true reflection of the potential they know their child has. With limited availability to speak with their child’s teachers, these parents are often left wondering. The Tutoring Center of Arlington has prepared a post to share which provides information on how this very inability of your child’s teacher could be the reason. 

Is Your Child’s Learning Style Being Addressed? 

While there are numerous ways a child learns, there are seven most recognized learning styles. Seven individual ways in which multiple students in your child’s classroom needs to be addressed in order to ensure they are not just taught each lesson, they can learn it. With this in mind, consider how many teachers there are in your child’s classroom – one. That’s one teacher with limited time and resources available to attempt to deliver each lesson in a way which engages each child’s learning style. While teachers are professionals in their field, they simply don’t have the time or resources available to them to do this.

How Does This Affect Your Child?

For an example, consider that your child closely identifies with the traits of an auditory learner. In this example, in order for your child to learn each lesson thoroughly, they require the teacher to present each lesson verbally.  
With limited time available, teachers are more likely to teach in a broad style more targeted towards a visual learner. When doing this, the teacher will write each lesson on the board and require students to simply write it down. While there will be brief moments where the teacher can answer questions, these moments are often short. Once this lesson is complete, the board is cleared and the next lesson is written.

As you can imagine, this doesn’t make for a very interactive classroom, and certainly isn’t the best method to ensuring each child is taught. 

How Does Tutoring Near Kennedale, TX Differ and Address This?

To directly address this barrier to your child’s learning, The Tutoring Center of Arlington provides its tutoring near Kennedale, TX sessions through one-to-one instruction. This allows each tutor to not only identify your child’s learning style but adapt their teaching style to complement it.

In the instance of an auditory learner, this will see the tutor presenting each lesson verbally, encouraging questions and repeating them prior to answering to assist in lesson retention. During a one-to-one tutoring session, the tutor’s time is dedicated solely to your child and to engaging their learning style. 

Put simply – your child gets the attention they need to fully understand each lesson, retain it, and recall it during exams and real-world situations.

Benefit From Tutoring Near Kennedale, TX

If, when reading this article, the gap between why your child seems interested in learning however just isn’t achieving their full potential makes sense, you aren’t alone. More and more parents are discovering the limitations a traditional classroom is placing on their child’s learning and seeking alternative methods to help their children achieve.

If you’re looking for ways to help your child achieve their learning potential, speak with The Tutoring Center of Arlington at (817)-969-5100 and book your free consultation. During this, The Tutoring Center of Arlington can provide expanded information on how our “Geniuses in Training” program has been designed to ensure each and every child’s learning style is addressed to not only teach your child but engage them.


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